My 8 Favorite Hacks TO CONSIDER Group Fitness Classes Without Paying Full Price

My 8 Favorite Hacks TO CONSIDER Group Fitness Classes Without Paying Full Price 1

Between the expertly curated playlists, the modern spaces, and the killer workout routines, I must acknowledge: I’m a sucker for trendy group fitness classes. And considering just how many new classes continue steadily to pop-up (and fill), I’m definitely not alone. Personally, I really like that classes save me your time and effort of planning my very own workouts-I can arrive, work hard, and mix exercise off my list without much planning (aside from actually choosing a class).

Also, signing up helps me stay committed, since classes are already in my calendar and cancelling often comes with a charge late. Workout classes are also a great way to sweat it out with friends, and even if I’m going solo, the group’s energy often gives my workout just a little extra oomph. Nonetheless it all comes at a cost-literally. 30 or more per class, which can add up really. Fortunately that because of my love for fitness classes, I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way to save cash on my expensive habit.

With a handful of go-to hacks, I almost pay full price never. Obviously, it’s worth mentioning you do not have to spend money on exercise at all-from effective bodyweight workouts to running, fitness doesn’t have to come with a price tag. That being said, if you’re someone who thrives in group fitness configurations and you enjoy taking classes as much as I do, are eight ways going to up your favorites for less here. 1. Wait till the last minute and then book your classes through the MINDBODY app.

If you’re already a group fitness course regular, you’re probably familiar with the booking platform MINDBODY. What you may not know is that the service has its own app, too, and it’s really a great place to look for deals. The app has a final Minute Offers section on the homepage, where you can view classes locally for another 48 hours that are offering reduced prices to fill up empty slots last second.

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There’s also a section on Intro Offers, where you can see studios which have discounted packages and classes for first-time students. 2. If you’re willing to wait before very last second, use Zenrez to book reduced classes. Like the MINDBODY app, Zenrez offers up classes at discounted rates to fill vacant slot machines.

Check the app at 9 p.m. You might’ve even seen a Zenrez offer pop up when you were browsing a studio room website on your phone-some group fitness studios have alerts for these last-minute places. I’ve used Zenrez a number of times, and while it’s not at all for those who like to plan their workout routines at least a week in advance, it’s a great option when you’re able to be versatile. The app’s user friendly and provides you usage of some great studios in major towns over the U.S. 3. Check a studio’s website straight for free first classes and intro offers.