How To Make A Wix Website

How To Make A Wix Website 1

Creating attractive websites has never been easier for the novice. Because of systems like WordPress and Joomla, it’s possible to produce world-class sites with little if any coding experience. Systems like Wix go one step further, and really take you by the hand through every stage of setting up your website.

You don’t even need to understand the basics of HTML to get a stylish site ready to go. It’s fair to indicate that Wix, and other similar site building tools, don’t give you quite the known level of versatility you can obtain with more advanced content management systems. However, for many purposes Wix delivers more than you’ll need – and with free possibilities, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. In this specific article, we’re going to take you through the process of setting up your own Wix-based website. Over 280 professional templates are included. Wix comes with an array of great looking designs that you should choose from.

You will see themes designed for all kinds of industries, so even though you are not a creative type, you will be able to design an attractive site still. Simple to use pull drop interface n. It is simple to understand how to use Wix, as the whole system uses “drag and drop” principles.

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You don’t should try to learn how to code, and you will choose any elements you want and position them with hardly any limitations. Quality support. It’s really easy to gain access to high-quality support from Wix. Each element of the website has its own dedicated support button too, so you won’t have to continually search in the database for this issue you need.

Web hosting isn’t required. Wix already comes with very reliable hosting, and that means you don’t have to buy another hosting service. A basic site is FREE. You needn’t spend ANY money to try out Wix. However, we would strongly recommend you web page link your Wix site to your own domain so that it looks more professional. At BestHosting Here, we have built dozens of websites for various purposes. While we have a tendency to use famous brands Joomla and WordPress for more advanced tasks, we recognize the fact that Wix is a more than adequate platform for all sorts of personal and business sites.

We also know our way around it rather well! While there are some restrictions to what you can be demonstrated by us in a tutorial article, it’s super easy to begin with with Wix, and we’re going to take you right from the start. You don’t even need to be concerned about domain names and hosting, as everything is taken care of from the primary Wix interface. The set of things you need to begin a Wix website is refreshingly small – probably smaller than the lists you will find on any of our other Website building lessons. Visit the Wix website by hitting the above mentioned button.

The Wix website will open up in a new window or tab so you can continue to refer back again to this tutorial. Fill in the essential sign-up details. If you want, you can pick to link Wix to your Google or Facebook accounts. You are taken immediately to a category selection screen then, where you can pick the kind of site you intend to create.

This is actually to thin down the decision of layouts that Wix offers you, nevertheless, you can click on the “all templates” link to the left part of your screen if you wish to see more. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will create a niche site for a imaginary vehicle maintenance company. However, you can of course branch off and choose the category more highly relevant to your business. The main element concepts remain the same when it comes to customizing your website.

For our purposes, we will choose the “Business” category and within that “Automotive and Cars,” before selecting the “Go” button to get started. Next, we are taken up to a full page where we can choose our chosen template. On the right time of writing, the “Automotive and Cars” section alone covered six web pages. For the purposes of the tutorial, we will choose the mobile optimized “Vintage Car Garage” template, and click the “Edit” button to get started with customization.

When you first click the “Edit” button, you shall visit a brief tutorial video, introducing the basic principles of Wix. It’s well worth making the effort to view this. We are then left to try out with the Wix editor, into which our chosen theme has been opened up already. First we can do a little work on the design elements of the site. As you follow this tutorial, there’s no need to choose the precise colors, fonts and images that people do – we are here to instruct you the basic concepts essentially.