Is WWIII Coming?

Shocking information out of Kiev came out this weekend about the discord in Eastern Europe. According to Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeriy Heltey, Russia is ready to drop nuclear bombs on Ukraine. Heltey posted on his facebook web page. What this means for the already anxious situation in Europe is anyone’s think.

It’s no key that the Global politics and financial climates are extremely uncertain. During the period of Ukranian Civil Unrest, European and American Media basically dismissed President Putin’s insistence that the West was financing the dissenters and trying to activate Russia in a war by proxy. If that’s true is up for plenty of issue still, but what seems to be basically certain is eventually america and NATO should come into direct issue with Putin in the Ukraine. Putin has already warned the European Commission that, “EASILY wanted to, I could take Kiev in two weeks.” I don’t think anyone in the West doubts that he means precisely what he says.

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The first term of Obama’s presidency proved that Putin will observe through with his plans when left to his own devices. Economic sanctions enforced by the West will be the only form of diplomacy still left, but in themselves are acts of aggression and may force Putin to be even more hostile. Would Eastern Ukraine really be well worth a freezing winter with no gas to heating the homes of the rich and poor alike? What about Western Ukraine? The thing we can be sure about Putin is to expect the unexpected.

It’s becoming clear that his goal is to revive the might of the Soviet Union, at least in terms of land. He’s always hated having NATO on his doorstep, so there’s no telling what lengths West he will press until he feels secure. NATO and Russia are the two largest Nuclear forces in World Background obviously. Putin has alarmingly not dismissed the probability of short to mid-range Nuclear weapons, and it’s easy to envision a scenario where he feels forced to use them, if he feels Russian sovereignty is threatened especially. Will the final straw become having Ukraine join NATO?

He appears to have made it clear that he seems Western armies in Ukraine would all but be an work of war. Instability in Eastern Europe already has precedent for starting the largest wars mankind has ever seen. Nuclear deterrence spent some time working since World War Two but appears to no more be the power for peace that it once was. Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, there was not a time period that is so near to an equipped global conflict. President Putin has made an appearance emboldened by the reluctance of USA President Barack Obama to concern him head-on.

There’s no telling exactly what will come in the next fifty percent of 2014, but predicting further hostility from Russia seems to be a safe wager. War in European countries will be a catastrophe for the Euro Certainly, the Dollar, as well as currencies around the world. Investing in precious metals and gold bullion is going to become more common in the ensuing crisis.

The Dow Jones market, which has rebounded certainly, is most likely inflated artificially. Global, or even a sizable regional conflict, would burst the bubble of our so-called financial recovery, and plunge the market back to downturn. Many people who have the means have been finding that a self-directed gold IRA is the best option because of their investment needs in these uncertain times. Being diversified and investing in solid assets -such as platinum or silver precious metal- is a good play in the forthcoming months.

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