Ashbee Design Silhouette Projects

This one isn’t up yet but a whole alphabet shadow box series is! Drop by and find out in this set of cutting documents with endless build possibilities. Gleam freebie here. This shadow box comprises 4 cut files assembled in layers to create an early spring shadow box showing those first crocus’ bravely jutting out of the snow. This file does have pieces needing a Cameo trimming mat however the whole document can be reduced to match on a Portrait reducing mat.

The Cameo size is about 7.25″ square. The Portrait version would be about 6″ square. Tutorial constructed using Silhouette Software Release 2.7.18. This tutorial assumes you understand how to use the Silhouette and Silhouette software already. Template from Silhouette On-Line Store here. Glue it in to the frame on all edges.

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The most distant snow mound is glued straight onto the within of the trunk framework as well. 6. Slide the structures together to obtain a positioning understanding for the 4 crocus groupings. The crocus groupings can be arranged in virtually any real way you prefer. I will show you in the way I did so it but there are other variations that’ll be in the same way effective. Start by identifying where each will be placed and which side shall be to the front.

First slide the frames jointly WITHOUT gluing them. 1 (dark) slides around most of them from the front. The schematic below shows the way the frames nest together. Frame 1 is dark, 2 is blue, 3 is green and 4 is red in this drawing. Place (without gluing) the various leaves groupings. Determine where you would like them and which side of each ought to be the front.

Keep tabs on the front part. 7. Assemble the crocus bouquets. Each grouping has 1 crocus bud. 3 purple petals – small, medium and large. The top one is the relative back again piece. To that glue the small private side with its point going out aside a bit.

Glue the medium sized petal on the other advantage, with its point obviously showing as well. It will over-lap the other petal. This bud gets glued onto the trunk of the green leaves grouping behind the stem with the dense top. Repeat for all those crocus groupings. 7. Attach the crocus groupings to the frame bases.